Všo heating and power plant received a 70 metre chimney

The construction of the heating and power plant in Väo is progressing on schedule, with the installation of a 70 metre high chimney being completed today.

“Construction work on the Väo heating and power plant is going according to plan, and attentive residents have surely noticed the rising of the electricity and thermal power plant structure in the Väo quarry,” said Andres Taukar, chairman of the management board of Digismart OÜ.
The installation work on the chimney, which is 70 metres in height and weighs nearly 80 tonnes, began on Thursday and was completed before noon on Friday. The chimney, with a diameter of four metres, was built in Finland and transported to the construction site in three parts, which were assembled on site. The chimney was supplied by Finnish company Noviter, which also performed the installation work.
“The Väo heating and power plant uses fuel energy as efficiently as possible. Even the temperature of the smoke reaching the chimney only reaches 60 degrees, which means that the plant “heats” the environment as little as possible,” said Taukar.
The power plant, which is in compliance with current environmental requirements, will begin using wood chips and peat as fuel. Taukar said that the Väo heating and power plant is in the process of concluding procurement agreements for heating material.
“Estonian wood chips and wood waste will find an actual use in the production of electricity and thermal power. The Väo heating and power plant will become a stable partner for Estonian forestry industry companies, who can, together with us, make the cutting of forests even more efficient and waste free,” added Taukar.
The main contractor in the construction of the Väo heating and power plant is KMG Inseneriehitus; interior equipment is being provided by Siemens and the Finnish companies Noviter and BMH Technologies. Upon start up, 20 people will begin working at the plant.
BEN Energy OÜ owns 75% of Digismart OÜ, the company which owns the Väo heating and power plant, and 25% belongs to the Dalkia group company Tallinna Küte AS. 90% of the energy company BEN Energy OÜ belongs to U.S. Invest AS, which invests in the production and distribution of electricity in Estonia and elsewhere. The company’s largest investment is the Väo heating and power plant, costing nearly BEEK 1.5, which will be completed by the end of 2008.



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